Silicone Inserts for Double Wax Warmer


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Enhance your waxing routine with Wax Wax’s Silicone Inserts for the double wax warmer. Made from food-grade silicone, these inserts provide a seamless, hygienic solution for all your waxing needs. Durable and easy to clean, they ensure precise wax control, making them ideal for busy salons. To extend the life of your inserts, let the wax cool before removal and clean with antibacterial soap and water. Avoid using alcohol or abrasive products to keep them in pristine condition.
Dimension Measurement
Alto 3”inch
Ancho 5 1/2”inch

Product Details

Elevate your waxing experience with our premium silicone inserts designed for double wax warmers. These durable, heat-resistant inserts allow you to switch effortlessly between different waxes, ensuring a mess-free and efficient process. Simply place the inserts into your warmer, add your wax, and enjoy smooth, even heating every time. Ideal for professional salons and home use alike.


Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit: Designed to fit double wax warmers seamlessly.
  • Generous Capacity: Holds ample wax, allowing for uninterrupted waxing sessions.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easily sterilizable for safe, repeated use.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the demands of busy salons, ensuring consistent wax quality and application.

Silicone Wax Insert for Double Warmer

Streamline your waxing cleanup with Wax Wax’s food-grade Silicone Wax Inserts, designed specifically for double wax warmers. This essential accessory ensures a smooth, hygienic waxing experience with precise wax control. To keep your inserts in top shape, let the wax cool before removal and clean with antibacterial soap and water. Avoid using alcohol or abrasive cleaners to maintain the coating.

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Sarah M.
Sarah M.
Jun 01 2023
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The silicone wax inserts from Wax Wax have been a game-changer for my salon! They're incredibly easy to clean and sterilize, which helps maintain hygiene standards. The inserts fit perfectly in my wax warmer and hold a generous amount of wax. Highly recommend!
Jessica L.
Jessica L.
Apr 09 2024
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I love these silicone inserts! They make the whole waxing process so much smoother and hassle-free. No more messy wax pots to clean. Just let the wax cool, and the insert pops right out. Plus, the durability is fantastic – perfect for my busy salon
Emily R.
Emily R.
Sep 19 2023
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These inserts are a must-have for any professional waxing setup. The food-grade silicone ensures the wax is heated evenly and maintains its quality. Cleaning is a breeze, and I appreciate that they're reusable. Great product from Wax Wax!
Amanda T.
Amanda T.
May 13 2023
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Using the Wax Wax silicone inserts has made waxing services more efficient and hygienic. They hold a large amount of wax and fit my warmer perfectly. The best part is the easy cleanup – just soap and water, and they're good as new. I'll definitely be purchasing more!

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    Best quality.

    July 9, 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wax Supply is the exclusive provider of professional wax warmers designed in Italy and has a strong global presence with over a decade of experience in the depilation industry.

How do I clean the silicone wax inserts?

Allow the wax to cool completely before removing the insert. Clean with antibacterial soap and water, and avoid using alcohol or abrasive products to preserve the silicone coating.

Are the silicone wax inserts reusable?

Yes, the silicone wax inserts are reusable. With proper care and cleaning, they can be used multiple times, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Can the silicone wax inserts be sterilized?

Yes, the inserts can be easily sterilized for safe, repeated use, making them ideal for maintaining hygiene in busy salons.

Will the inserts affect the quality of the wax?

No, the silicone inserts are designed to ensure consistent wax quality and application, providing precise control over your waxing services.

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