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Made in Italy 🇮🇹 Est. 2005

Wax Wax specializes in the creation and manufacture of high-quality professional products for biodepilation. We produce and supply professional cosmetics for depilation under the private label of Wax Wax.

Our modern, high-technology production facility is fitted with the newest German and Italian equipment, enabling us to manufacture up to 500,000 cartridges per month. The factory is equipped with its own automated lines for the manufacture of the full range of depilation products.

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All waxes produced by Wax Wax provide a high adhesion level, consistently ensuring effective and safe depilation procedures. Our waxes are presented in accordance with a distinct classification to avoid mistakes by beginner cosmetologists. Wax Wax is committed to constant research and innovation, creating products that significantly ease the depilation procedure. Moreover, our factory is capable of manufacturing related depilation products, such as nonwoven fabric strips (available in packages of 20 and 100 items) and rolls (50m and 100m) under your private label or the Wax Wax label.

We also offer contract manufacturing of a full line of cosmetics for depilation under the client’s private label or the Wax Wax label.Our professional waxes are suitable for any budget and level of expertise, making them accessible to everyone. From licensed estheticians to at-home waxers, our customized waxing products, warmers, and kits will provide the best session possible.
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Hard Wax

Designed for Professional Estheticians

As a PETA-certified and animal cruelty-free brand, we uphold ethical standards in our production processes. With over 35 years of experience and a strong global presence, we continue to innovate and provide superior waxing solutions for our customers. Contact us today for more information.

If you wanna get the most satisfying waxing experience, try Wax Wax!

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